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yabapoyo: You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful :)

Awww, thank you lady! You’re so awesome and beautiful too! I love you man!! <3


girls groups that need to come back asap bc im starting to worry that they never even existed in the first place:

  • glam
  • evol
  • hello venus
  • wonder girls
  • exid
  • global icon
  • rania

please do not support the images in red velvets mv!


warning: graphic images of 9/11 under cut

this is not an attack on red velvet themself whatsoever—i doubt they had a hand in the editing of this video and thus please do not blame them for the things mentioned in this post! instead, please blame sm!

the images are under the cut as theyre rather big, but (basically) red velvets music video contains images from both world war 2 and 9/11 used in a “comical” and extremely disrespectful manner

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if block b were QUALITY bloggers

zico: nsfw, b/w edits, street fashion, funny shit on occasion. has a side music blog for og and reblogged music #tumblrfamous. simple white one column theme for his main blog, colorful redux edit for his music blog.
kyung: nsfw, relationship stuff, flirty/sexy anons, has a /tagged/zikyung for all the shit that reminds him of him and zico. colorful one column redux edit.
u-kwon: lots of couple clothing pics, posts about his gf a lot, rly nice to anons, sj blogger. has a side blog for tasteful yet kinky porn. more followers on his porn blog than his main blog. white and pastel theme on his main blog, black theme on his porn blog.
b-bomb: fashion, photography, lots of selfies. most of his followers are thirst follows. makes more generic relatable text posts than funny ones. posts dance videos. his selfies and dance vids generate thousands of notes. greyscale theme.
pyo: hilarious blogger, reblogs funny pics vids and text posts and always reblogs his friend selfies and og shit. colorful all over the place theme. always gets cute anons who put puns and jokes in his ask box.
taeil: tattoos fish and aesthetics. side blog for songs and song covers. simple white themes for both. main blog has a seamless black grid bg. stays in his lane and never participates in any of his friends drama but somehow ends up dragged into it anyways.
jaehyo: selfies of himself and other peoples selfies as well as fashion and computer pic stuff. custom coded theme which is super extra. makes themes for commission. gets 10000 note selfies. posts songs sometimes. gets mixed anon hate and love.