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Game Over

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Anonymous: Who's you bias in Block B??

Jaehyo is my bias in Block B, obviously. I mean look at this stupid little shit boi!

He’s like super handsome, but hella dumb at the same time I mean how could you NOT love this kid??!!

Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.


Lee taeil:
-thinks fanfics r cute
-raises tropical fish and calls them his children
-likes anime and horror movies
-can legally ride motorcycles
-intentionally tries for a cute image
-has literally been outed as a lil queer by his bandmates
-has tried to kiss zico
-wears tinted lipgloss regularly
-says that block b “saved his life” and that w/o bb hed be “probably just a delivery boy”
-is like 5’3” and super adorable
-is sincerely one of the most talented vocals out there rn and always kills it live
-writes lovesongs in his spare time
In conclusion, i dont think we, as a society, are appreciating lee taeil as much as we should be